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My Bloody Valentine out this Monday on DVD

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1 My Bloody Valentine out this Monday on DVD on Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:31 pm


Hi Guys,
Has everyone seen the trailers on TV for My Bloody Valentine DVD, out this Monday, if you havnt seen the movie yet I Highly Recommend, Jensen is excellent in the movie and the 3D element really adds to the enjoyment of the Movie

Will you be stocking the movie in your Shop? If so how much and can I order it from you?
I would recommend this to everyone, John is our Competition Superstar and resident DVD Store owner in Cornwall, so if you want a copy please post up here and maybe he can help you out, nice to keep these things amongst ourselves and give our money to a hard working local businessman rather than these big Superstores. I believe John has a Website you can visit so please John post up a link for everyone to check out

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I actually received my copy today! So well happy about that. Very Happy

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Hello everyone!!

Firstly, I would like to thank you Rob for your kind words, it's so important that, like your good selves, we spread the word when it comes to supporting independant stores like myself and you guys to.

We will be stocking this awesome movie on Monday as the demand for it far exceeded what we first expected because of the star Jensen Ackles.

If you would like to preorder this DVD or any DVD, Blu-Ray or game from us our shop number is 01288 353001. We pride ourselves at seeking out hard-to-find movies and TV boxsets for customers old and new also.

You can visit or website at www.enigma.uk.net

We can take orders or preorders over the phone using a credit/debit card by calling the above number and we will gladly help you in any way possible.

Recently we have also introduced a loyalty card. For every £10 or more you spend in one transaction we stamp your loyalty card, collect 10 stamps and receive a FREE £10 voucher on us! It's that simple! Even if you dont live in the area we can keep a record on our shop database and you can collect that way!!

Dont forget, as Rob said, the new Friday the 13th movie is out July, so let me know numbers or if you would like to preorder with us.

The supermarkets these days have a hold on the entertainment industry and independants like Rob&Denise, myself and many others suffer from time to time because of them. I'll give you an idea on what goes on, now, this came from a reliable source. I cannot give the Supermarket name but it went along the lines of this...

The Supermarket chain in question had in excess of 700 copies of the movie Twilight in only one of their super stores. After one week of the title being sold at a ridiculous low of only 7.99 the remaining 432 copies were taken, along with all cases, posters, standee's and POS from that store, and sent to a warehouse to be incinerated, yep, BURNT. This happens everytime a new release comes out and that is exactly what they do folks! The rep who told me this obviously doesn't just go round telling people this but he told me it was high time that people, like us indies, should know what these superstores get up to. It sickens me to know this, when I cant even buy DVDs in for the retail price they are selling them for!

I just wanted to share this with you all, not that I want you to feel sorry for us indies but to tell you how much of a hold the supermarkets have over people like myself and Rob and Denise and many many others.

Spread the word and support your local shops wherever you live!

Thank you for letting us promote our business on these forums Rob and Denise

John Very Happy Smile

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I couldnt agree with you more John, plus go into Tescos and ask there staff about Jensen or the movie and see what they can tell you, its the small retailers that have the expertise and a genuine love for the products they sell as this is why we get into the business in the first place.

Can I order the DVD from you and pay you via Paypal?


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Yeah thanks Rob, sometimes it needs a quick vent to make people realise how much pressure the supermarkets put us under fella.

Thank you for ordering from us, we would be more than happy to take your order but unfortunately we cant operate through PayPal.
What I am more than happy to do for you is you could do one of two things.

Either phone us on 01288 353001 and give us your credit/debit card details over the phone or PM me with your details and we will put it through today for you.

When we do post goods on to customers we need to add a £1 on for P&P.

We are very strict about the data protection act and we delete any information given after the order has been placed.


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Our price here at Enigma for My Bloody Valentine 3D is £14.99 on DVD or 19.99 on Blu-Ray, this however includes Postage and packing and queueing at the PO.

We are also taking preorders for the new Friday 13th on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Unfortunatley the release date has been pushed back AGAIN!

It is now due out August 10th

Let me know well in advance if you wish to purchase from me.

Thank you

John Very Happy

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Hi gang!!

Well, I eventually got to see My Bloody Valentine tonight and WOW, what a film!!
Im not going to give anything away for anyone who hasn't seen it yet but it certainly kept me guessing in the last 15 minutes or so.
Of course, with most horror 'who done it' horror films the reveal is much to soon and this film delivered, it was very different in every way.

Jensens character was great, I thought his character worked really well and steered away from his Supernatural Dean character that we have come to know so well.
Of course there were plenty of grisly deaths..mmmmmmm..gotta love those special fx!!
I watched the 2D version tonight and am going to sit through the 3D version towards the end of the week.

Rob, have you got a copy of this film as I was waiting for you to reply to my earlier post? As I stated before, unfortunately we cannot take payment via PayPal for items bought from our shop. We still have a handful left in the shop but, as with most new horror films we get in, they dont last long!

Would anyone else like to preorder the new Friday 13th film with me?
As I stated before, any preorders or orders for any DVD or Blu-Ray title from £9.99 or more entitle you to collect a stamp from a loyalty card we provide.
Mind you, Supermarkets, Amazon and Play.com dont give there customers any kind of loyalty reward to their customers so I must be doing something right!

John Cool

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8 Re: My Bloody Valentine out this Monday on DVD on Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:17 am

I have My Bloody Valentine 3D on DVD

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