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Hey Everyone !!!

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1 Hey Everyone !!! on Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:10 pm

Heyy ! Cool how is everyone?

I'm in Miami right now ! Very Happy lol its awesome. The weather is amazing and the view from our hotel room is fab !

Was supposed to be going to an Aerosmith & ZZ Top concert 2nite but Steve Tyler has injured his leg so its been cancelled Sad.

Oh well, going to WWE Smackdown 2moro night Very Happy (i dont know if I ever said but I am a huge wrestling fan lol! ) so that should be good, and will get to see the gorgeous Jeff Hardy up close Wink hehe

So hows the weather back with you guys ? Hope its not too bad lol Razz

Anyways just thought I would stop by to see how y'all are Razz And you guys probably know already but Supernatural Season 2 is being repeated on STV right now, Tuesday night's at 11:05pm Smile

Speak soon ! Smile Xxxx

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