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Supernatural PC Game

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1 Supernatural PC Game on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:03 pm

Hello folks
Foofighter here
Im a full time Student in Ireland studying ComputerGames development and im Designing a Half-Life 2 modification based on Supernatural
Im the only Member on the team at the minute but i have outsourced a modeler to make Sam and Dean
ive got a really high definition 3d model of a Chevy impala(set me back 125 bucks Sad )
but all for a good cause
i found it by complete fluke here
he wouldnt sell me Dean though

anyway Reason im bringing this up in your forum is i have a question to ask

Should i write the story anew for the game or follow the template of the TV series?

Oh and if anyone else out there has a Steam account and is any good at modeling and want to support the Mod add me on
Steam ID = phantompredator

As well as this guys The mod will be Free if you have a valid Source game like Halflife 2

cheers and if you have any questions email me at


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2 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:01 am

Hey foofighter, great name btw!!! A very warm welcome to the Supernatural forum. Absolutely love your idea, I used to play Half Life and a few mods back in the day. The modding on the Chevy looks fantastic.
I really do recommend furthering your idea but have you thought about putting your idea forward to a games studio ie Activision etc. What are the chances!!

I am a gamer and have been one for many many years now, currently owning a PS3.
Actually it wasn't that long ago we were talking about why the havent yet made a Supernatural game, I mean, there has already been two Buffy games over the years!

I say follow it through m8 and stick with it, personally I would love to see this come to fruition! Very Happy

All the best

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3 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:57 pm

Cheers John, Reason bro i havent put it forward to activsion id well first, i hadn't thought of it and second, if i do i wont have a chance to work with the game myself because im only a Programming student, Activision are huge and although a great gaming company i think it would suit supernatural better if it was made by its loving community who know what they want for the game.
If anyone is interested in writing a story for the game me your thoughts and ideas and i'll mingle them as one.
cheers again

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4 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:50 am

Hey, yeah I think it would be very wise to play your cards close to your chest so to speak. It has got me thinking and im sure other members of this forum will pass on their own ideas to you soon. As I mentioned in my previous post I had played the Buffy games which were ok but I feel a Supernatural game would kickass as there is so much more to it, very in-depth. It really depends on how far you wanna take it though. Keeping it in the tradition as a beat-em-up would be cool as really thats what Sam and Dean are known for...kicking demon ass!

Let me have a ponder and i'll put out further posts.
Will this only be for PC though? A PS3 and XBOX360 port would be your best bet for this style of game.

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5 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:09 am

Well no Valve source game has been ported to the Ps3 but an Xbox port may be possible but im not sure if a mod has been ported yet. That said after i looked through the code there are sections devoted directly for the xbox.
but please do send me your ideas because i cant write it all my self


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6 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:12 am

C'mon people lets help out Foofighter here please, I mean, who wouldn't wanna play a supernatural game on their pc's and lappys, I know I would!!!!!

So, firstly were are you setting the game? Maybe right from the begining of season 1 were we first get to meet the brothers or, as we all know what has happened since then maybe you could turn it into a game that side steps away from the TV series which could be better ie new ideas and concepts perhaps.

What kind of genre would this game be most suited to? Beat'em'up, adventure perhaps, puzzle solving also involved! I'd imagine you could include puzzle solving as Sam is always looking up and trying to work out the best ways to 'take down' a demon or two from his laptop on the net. Maybe you work out puzzle solving from his laptop in-game.

The Chevy Impala MUST be in the game for sure, even if its just to get you from A to B locations etc. Lifting up the boot of the Chevy to reveal weapons of your choice to use against your next foe!! Hmmmmm...its got me thinking now!

Spell casts I think also need to be introduced into the game, they play a big part in the TV series. How about introducing older faces to the game ie John Winchester.

Personally, I would consider sticking to an adventure game if its purely PC based.
Puzzle solving gets you rewards ie health, stamina etc enabling your character be it Dean or Sam to give and take hit points rather than you actually using a beat'em'up system. Im not sure how far you wanna take this but, by all means I for one would be very happy with a beat'em'up style game but it all depends on how far you can take it.

On another note you have to remember how many more women there are than men that watch Supernatural. Women are your key audience and I think they would dig a game that wasnt a beat'em'up but rather a puzzle solving hit points style gameplay fair.

Any ideas people, I think Foofighter really wants to run with this idea!!! please!!

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7 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:54 pm

Im liking what im seeing SupernaturalFan

Basically here is the run down on me as a person
I myself am 19 going on 20
i have 1 year experience in java programming
i have 2 years experience playing source games
i am doing a computer programming course in Ireland
I have some work done on the game already ie, HUD, MENU and i have an impala(currently not working)

I have a friend out there some where making me a sam and Dean character SET using Blender
I have very little knowledge of C++ but im willing to learn and i am everyday at school
This game realistically wont be available for a few years because im the only one working on it at the minute

I am currently Porting tonnes of models from Arcimodel sets into the Game and from other resources such as Google ware house

All i ask you the community to do is Write me the story
Supernatural fan is the only one so far to even reply to this

i hope the info above doesnt put you off
i really intend to make the game but it will take lots of time
Im currrently just sourcing Tutorials and i must say that only for the Noesis Mod your World series based on the Valve engine the mod would be nowhere

All source games in my light look the Same
i want to strive to give my MOD an authentic Feel and basic originality

On the lines of story mode it must be compelling but also possible for me to achieve it
As much as i want to make the game puzzle based that will be terrifyingly hard for me as a student but then again i have witness what my predecessors have made in fourth year of my course

Yes i also realise that Supernatural has a huge Female fan base
I am going to try and keep the Beat em up and puzzles balanced similar to the TV show
I want to incorporate old characters also like john and Meg

Flashbacks should come in handy as well
I was thinking of making the story like something along these lines
The story is based on the forgotten or left out fights of sam and dean against Evil
Honestly i dunno
I read a lot of Stephen king and James herbert and i love the saw films so there will be gore

i hope to incorporate Wooden stakes
Holywater( idea with this is that when you run out you must source more water to reload the flask and then bless it withe beads and Latin incantations )
sawn off shot gun with rock salt
the boys personal pistols
the journal
laptop(not sure if i can work in functionality though)
hex bags

etc etc

well i just rambled on a bunch
Please guys come on i know your reading this
if i dont get many more replies i will come to the Conclusion that we only have one TRUE supernaturalfan(self titled)

email me supernatural_source@yahoo.ie

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8 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:21 am

Thanks for the reply, hehe, you really had me thinking about this last night, just reading your previous post I can almost feel your passion for creating such an awesome mod of Supernatural.

I wanted to run this by you. Will this game be a 1 player or co-op game???
I think the first thing that would need work is the opening scenes, build up to the game, whats it all about, maybe a specific goal??

Introducing old characters again, maybe unlockable to play once the game has been completed first time round, gives the player a sense of achievment and something to work towards maybe?

Puzzle stuff maybe not, if its something you would be uncomfortable doing then I would give it a miss, if it were me I would feel the same to be honest and in all honesty its probably pretty damn hard to programme Im guessing.
I was thinking about maybe even creating new super villians, I mean, we all know what Dean and Sam have already gone up against so how about something completely fresh and original. I remember the Buffy games being very much like this, we all knew it was Buffy but the devs seem to put a fresh spin on the concept but still in-keeping with the TV show.

How would the Impala be used? Will it be driven by a character or will it be driveable by yourself, the player? In which case how about going down the road of having an open-ended world. Have you heard of FarCry2? Not a bad game but that style of setting, driving between towns and including Harvelle's Bar!

I can see this game becoming more of an adventure with an open ended world rather than close quarter combat style stuck in a room level 1 scenario.
After all, that's what Supernatural is all about right? One big adventure!

Just thougts for now... Very Happy

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9 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:17 am

Well im think of whether or not its possible for me to impliment a system simlar to Conflicy :Desert Storm where you can play as either Sam or Dean and you can swith between to the two at any given time

or you play as sam for a b it and say dean gets cought and sam has to find him etc etc

that kind of thing
Th code i am using now is purely Singleplayer but pending on the reception the game gets in the gaming world i will design a Left4Dead Versus style game where one side plays demons and the other plays as the good guys etc etc

I was thinking more along the lines of a Halflife2 style of game play.at the start you are given some kind of info on cattle mutilations or demonic omens in some part of the usa So obviously i cant make the whole USA but it can be made in such a way that the boys where driving all night and you take up the reigns driving once your in the county and you head towards the source of the trouble or whatever

The car will be driveable by you the player in a third person view i think. The thing with the car code is that its already there from HL2 i just need to modify sounds and i will have to make animations for the doors(hopefully)

The engine is funny as well in a few ways so i dont think i can just leave the weapons and stuff sitting in the boot cause they would just fall out. I might be able to invoke a GUI screen that pops up once you open the boot that lets you select what weapons you want, hex bags, holy water etc etc

Maybe i have too much high hopes for this mod and it might be a complete failure but i will try my best to get it up and running with the best of my abilities.
just wish i had a few programmers on my side
cheers again

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10 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:05 am

Hey, it all sounds very awesome so please, dont give up!
Hell, it might take you a year or two but it'll be well worth it in the end ok!

All of what you said in your last post makes total sense to me.

If there is anything else you might like to indulge or have ideas on just let me know. Chuck all your ideas up in the air across this forum!! Very Happy

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11 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:28 pm

Hi FooFighter,
Sorry I'm a bit of a late comer here, I've just been catching up on your chat with Supernaturalfan on here.
I'm Jane, and moderate on the Huntergirls forum down below, I aplogise for not saying Hi before but I've been away most of the summer without a decent internet connection, so now I'm so horrendously behind I'll probably never get caught up!

Well, as for the game...it sounds a fantastic idea, I play PS3 occasionally and am only an amateur gamer. I have wondered why no-one came up with a game for SPN before now, as I agree it totally rocks and is by far the best programme out.
I love your and John's ideas, I don't have anywhere as much experience as you guys but as one of the huge female fanbase, I know what I like in PS3 games and Supernatural.

I love the idea of the Impala being a big part of it, maybe rewards for getting through levels/tasks could unlock new weapons to be stored/used in the trunk of the Impala. They could start out with basic ones and build up to unlocking stuff like chaisaws and homemade flame throwers. Loved the idea of Holy Water having to be sourced, collected and blessed. You could also have them making salt rounds for the shotguns to build up ammo stores. I love the idea of being able to drive the Impala, how cool would that be!! lol

Sam's laptop would be immense fun to play with too...

I agree that puzzles would be great, although I know nothing about how difficult they would be to implement, it could take the shape of a. finding out what you're up against - from a series of clues/puzzles and working out what would work to destroy it.

It would be cool to have Drake's Encounter type video clips in the form of flashbacks/bar scenes, linking scenarios, or just at the end of every level. It would be a chance to get some of that Winchester humour on display.

It would be fun to have a good old fashioned beat em up section, give them bar brawls for hustling pool etc!

I love sharpshooter games, so there could be weapons options etc.
And loads of opportunities to fight with a variety of weapons/tactics etc.
I love the thought of it being a two player game - one playing Dam and one playing Dean - in multi-player mode. Though as single player it would be nice to have the choice of Sam or Dean, both could have specific qualities/strengths maybe?
Single player mode could also give the option of having to rescue whichever brother you weren't playing from a variety of big bads, like an unlockable extra game within a game, (Nazi Zombies on COD5)

The addition of characters such as John, Bobby, Ellen, ASH (he could be the fount of all knowledge but you have to pay him with beer token - found in random places!)would be great. Missouri would be fun to visit for clues and predictions.

As for where to set the story or to stay within the realms of the TV storyline or further afield or alternative story arc.
There are benefits to both I guess, the season 1 story line is an obvious choice as there was less complication with external influences. There would be a huge scope for villains and baddies,I would suggest a combination of show monsters - Wendigo's, werewolves, vampires, ghosts etc with plenty of new ones, ogres, giants, trolls, in a game there would be less need for budgetary constraint in the creatioon of new monsters, the sky would be your limit.

I read that you need a storyline...I would be interested in what you had in mind. I have no idea of what a gaming storyline would be, but if you have a basic idea of where you want to go I'd be glad to throw ideas around. I've written a bit of SPN fanfic for fun and I enjoy writing (when i get the time) but what exactly do yo have in mind - is it like a script or an actual story, or devising a whole new world for the boys to play in. To be an SPN based game, it would have to have a lot of similarities to the show, character wise and overall direction, ie season 1 aim is to find their dad, season 2 aim is to kill the YED.
Going totally away from canon would lessen it as a Supernatural game, though you wouldn't necessarily be limited to episode storyline, just overall season arc. gives you scope for follow up games or expansions to other seasons!! lol

It allsounds impossibly complicated to me, but also incredibly exciting that you are doing it!

I wish you every luck and would love to know a little more about what you need for a storyline.

Jane pirat

Jane x
Thanks to Schelzie for my pretty, pretty banner. x

Huntergirls rock!

Thanks to Bulletbabe for the beautiful Huntergirl sigil
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12 Re: Supernatural PC Game on Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:12 am

Oh goody another fan thats interested
well the Source engine i am basing the game on dedicates itself to HDR Lighting, Fast but beautiful maps, good shading technology and a newly introduced particle emitting system. Alot of what both you and john have mentioned is possible but for me to do it would honestly be near to impossible, as i mentioned earlier i have been gathering resources such as programming tutorials ,3d model collections for props etec etc and so guy is designing Sam and Dean for me.I myself will work on bobby and the lesser characters.
Another big issue i face is Voice over. I have a terrible american accent and i cannot even try to mimic any of the voices in the game.I can however extract their voices from my boxsets but that limits my scope considerably.

So if anyone knows anyone who can do a good sam and dean impression let me know please

More importantly if you know any programmers out there that can help my situation please let me know
I havent much done at the minute because im just back at college and they are hitting us hard with assignments but i will get cracking once i get the chance
any other ideas guys just post them below and chances are they will be integrated

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