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Castiel Interview

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1 Castiel Interview on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:33 am


When "Supernatural" ended last season, we saw Castiel -- everyone's favorite angel -- engulfed in a bright light as he prepared to battle anyone who tried to stop Dean from keeping the final seal in tact.

But as all "Supernatural" fans already know, Dean was too late. Sam broke the seal and Lucifer is now among us.

What's maybe even more alarming? The teaser clips from tonight's season premiere indicate Castiel was blown to bits. However, we can assure you Cas will be back, in the flesh. How it happens, though? Well, that's another story.

"Cas doesn't know how he came back," Misha Collins (Castiel) told us when we spoke earlier this week. "He has his suspicions. He thinks he knows how he came back, but he doesn't have any proof of it. He's trying to piece together how [it happened] and if it's what he thinks it is, it's quite amazing."

Those unanswered questions will ultimately lead Castiel on a season-long mission that promises to blow fans away. "When I read the script for the second episode, I was stunned by the mission that Cas is going on," Misha said. "It is epic beyond belief. It's the most ambitious conceivable mission and that is not hyperbole. Even by 'Supernatural' standards, I was like, whoa, this is big."

So this quest will drive Castiel all year, but now that Misha is a series regular -- the first person ever in that position, other than leads Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles -- he'll also be around for more of the stand alone episodes, occasionally joining the Winchester brothers on their treks and tasks. We all know Dean (Ackles) and Castiel will get along, but will Cas and Sam (Padalecki) finally warm up to each other?

"[They] are still butting heads and it's partially because Cas is still [upset] that Sam started the apocalypse," Misha explained. "[Sam] made bad decisions that led us down this path. And Cas doesn't seem to have forgiven Sam for that minor indiscretion. Certainly in the first few episodes, a lot of that plays out between Sam and Dean [as well]. There's some love lost between the brothers."

But while the brothers are hashing out their differences, Dean and Castiel will be bonding further. They go on a mission together sans Sam and Dean also takes it upon himself to bring Castiel to a whore house. Buttoned-down, super serious Cas in a whore house? Oh boy.

"It was a really, really seedy whore house," Misha laughed. "Castiel wasn't as suave as he could have been. He's a bit of a deer in the headlights. It was definitely the most uncomfortable we've ever seen Cas."

And what about the small matter of Lucifer walking amongst us? Surely Castiel, a fallen angel himself, will have some interesting interactions with him, yes?

Misha admitted that Castiel is definitely the character most likely to empathize with Luce, but fans are going to have to wait some time for those juicy scenes as Misha has yet to film anything with the Devil himself.


So, yeah, you dying for the apocalypse to start tonight?

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