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I come bearing gifts

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1 I come bearing gifts on Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:38 pm

Greetings Brothers & Sisters of the spiritual path,
I'm new to this forum, and I don't want my first message to be considered spam, but I have a very special gift to share with all of you, that will greatly enhance your natural psychic abilities.

For 12 years I researched the writings of alchemy, digging through 700+ years worth of books, trying to make sense of the symbolic language, and getting lead astray at every turn. I remained lost in the confusing maze of allegories and metaphors, failing at my attempts to produce that legendary Philosopher's Stone.

But finally, after developing a stronger relationship with my spirit guide, and getting to the point where I could clearly hear her words, I was able to develop a set of basic rules that apply to all methods of creating the Stone, and I was able to see the right paths that would be successful. And then one beautiful day when I entered my lab to check on my latest experiment, I found what I had been searching for; waiting there for me was the true Philosopher's Stone. And indeed it passed the test of transmutation.

If you don't believe in transmutation, consider the fact that some species of crabs, when placed in a controlled environment without any source of calcium, actually have the ability to convert the sodium in salt water into calcium for making their shells!

Also in March of 2009, a popular movie network "France 3" made a special about the mysteries of alchemy, and got a French alchemist by the name of Peter Riviere to actually show every step of making the Philosopher's Stone, and then did a transmutation of mercury into gold. The producers of the movie took the gold to a lab to have it assayed, and sure enough, it was really gold! They also showed it under the microscope, and it had an amazing crystal structure. You can see this video on a link at my website, not English subtitles yet. If someone knows French, please help me translate!

But alchemists don't sell any great quantity of gold, because its unfair to the other people in the world who have to actually work for their money, or sell something of value. They only use the gold to get started, and get on their feet. Then from using the Elixir daily, they develop such an intelligent and creative mind that they no longer need to sell gold; instead they become artists, or musicians, or writers, and some dabble in the Stock Market or do other types of investing since their newly develop psychic abilities give them a strong intuition on which stocks to invest in.

The Elixir has the power to make those who are psychic even more psychic. And the power to keep the young as they are, never growing older than 25 or 30 at most, but always looking very young and without a single wrinkle. It can regenerate the old to some extent, but if they are too far into their senior years, it won't rejuvenate them completely. But it does give them the energy and vitality of youth. Life is of course prolonged to an astounding degree with this Elixir, and it eradicates nearly every disease if used properly.

Sometime soon this next year, I will be advertising my website for 4 weeks on 92 of the most popular TV channels. Its indeed time to let the world know about the Elixir, because the great spiritual change is coming, and everyone needs to be prepared. There really is no danger because most people simply don't believe alchemy is real, and don't bother going to a website about it, or reading a book about it. And sceptics certainly wouldn't pay even a few bucks to download a book that claims to show step by step instructions to making the Elixir. They'd rather spend that money stuffing another fastfood burger down their throats.

I also run my own forum, and initially it was enough to attract the number of people I wanted, but now I need to reach out to more people. The Elixir of Life is not something I am supposed to keep a secret from the world. My life would be much less complicated if I had just kept it to myself and not made a website about it, and I often day-dream about how nice that would be. I could just retire to some beautiful tropical paradise and spend the rest of my long happy life in total relaxing bliss. But that isn't what's planned for me. My mission is to show people the way to a far better life; what life was intended to be like.

Ageing and disease are both imperfections and abnormalities of nature, not the "natural law" as so many people like to believe. Too many people become complacent with death, and just accept it as something that is naturally supposed to happen. But in reality, when you perfect the body, it doesn't age or get diseases. The "natural law" is immortality.

Nature didn't go through all the ridiculously complicated work of making our incredibly complex bodies and brains just to have it die. There is a species of plant that is truly immortal and never dies -- it has been growing in North America since the thaw of the last ice age, and that it what nature intended; to make life and to make that life live forever. Scientists are trying to figure out how it remains perfectly healthy and never ages, but they can't find anything different about the plant. The Elixir will do the same thing to you, and no amount of scientific testing will be able to figure out why your body doesn't age or ever loose it's health.

While the book isn't free, I do have a link in the book section to my free article at eHow of one of the methods from my book. It's complete step by step instructions, with a few photos.

Nicholas Collette

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