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New Huntergirls(boys) Sigil Design Competition

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Don't forget, all you artistic folk, about the competition to design/update our new sigil.
Louy - if you've got the original shape/background for everyoe to play with, it's be great if you could post up a link to it...(if that's how this stuff works).

Our next meeting is going to be around the end of June/start of July, so if we put a deadline for entries of say 20th June, then we can all vote for the winning entry/ies at the next meeting.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with - I say you as I have about as much artistic skill myself as a frying pan!!

Jane x
Thanks to Schelzie for my pretty, pretty banner. x

Huntergirls rock!

Thanks to Bulletbabe for the beautiful Huntergirl sigil
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Just to add to Jane's comments- Could sigil designers please send me a copy of your entries so that I can add them to the packs for the next meeting? Thanks

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