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Hunters Meeting July 2010

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1 Hunters Meeting July 2010 on Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:25 pm

Hello everyone- just crawled out of my cave to say how much I enjoyed the gathering at the Hilton yesterday. Thanks to all those who made it such a great day. Amidst the general chat and catching up we had time for some word searches, an energetic quiz (thanks Cal) and lots of lovely pressies (thanks everyone)! Very Happy
I'm just going to post my couple of entries for the drabble challenges and I hope Laura will be brave and post her own excellent effort. sunny


Jagged teeth edged the broken maw, blood dripping over the cracked shards. A shuddering sigh escaped him as he stepped forward hands trembling slightly. He peered anxiously at the ground below.
Dark liquid pooled over the uneven asphalt, slow running rivulets trickling outwards in a web gradually drying out as the source faded and died. He swallowed back the rising bile in his throat; flashes of whirling limbs, claws and an overpowering stench assailing him. The explosive impact still rang in his ears as the fugly had exited the window.
Defenestration may not have been recommended, but was definitely effective.

Well, that was awkward...

Dean turned and stared gloomily at the smouldering heap at his feet. His eyes prickled with blurring moisture as the acrid smoke assaulted them. The remnants of the motel’s bed linen lay forlornly in a tangled, blackened heap as grey wisps curled from it. Sam’s gaze mirrored his brother’s from relative safety of the room’s tiny bathroom.
“How’re we gonna explain this sparky?” Dean raised an enquiring eyebrow towards his sheepish-looking sibling.
“Um... faulty wiring? How was I to know she was a fire raiser?”
“Seriously dude, how quick can you pack? Last time I’m letting you call room service!”

(Just to add the disclaimer that I own nothing from Supernatural. The Supernatural characters belong to Eric Kripke & the CW and this is purely for fun not profit)

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2 Re: Hunters Meeting July 2010 on Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:04 pm

Thanks for posting the drabbles Alison, it was good to hear/read them again.

The meting was great fun - as always - it was really nice seeing everyone. We missed you Padger, hope you can make the next one...
Talking of the next one, we've set a tentative date for Sat 22nd January 2011, same time/same place Hilton Paddington, 10am - 5pm. £20.00 for use of the Executive Lounge where all the lovely food and drink is included all day - get there early to take advantage of the breakfast!!

Any newcomers out there, you're more than welcome to come along and spend the day with a small but dedicated of SPN fanatics.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Jane x pirat

Jane x
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