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I really want to see what will happen next

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1 I really want to see what will happen next on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:54 pm

I really love this show. Since the episode1 of season 1, I was following it.
First, this show is talk about Manhattan area, the girls dresses so beautiful, I love those. Especially Serena, I love almost all her dresses. She is so gorgeous. She can be wild girl, and also can be elegance. And Blaire, she is always elegant, and she is adorable. I’d love to see that chuck be with her together, cause I think they are born to be together, just so perfect. I think they will be married in the end of the show.
Speak to Serena, I hope she can be with Nate, cause I think Nate is super match with her, they have the same background, they love the same thing, and the most important part, they both look gorgeous.
So ,here is Dan, I know ,he loves Serena, but I think they are not match, and due to the relationship, his father married with Serena’s mother, that is really not suitable. Bu t I had to admit that he has some quality which really attractive, so that makes Serena always have feeling for him.
Now, Serena is meeting her truly first love, I really want to see what will happen next.

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