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That maybe the most popular thing of the heroes

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Heroes used to be my favorite show when I was a student in college. I never saw a show like heroes before, so I was attracted when the first time I saw it, I can remember it was already released the season 1 when I watched it. Then, I always keeping on looking the news when will the season 2 comes out, and then following it every week in the first time. I can say heroes accompany me my college life. That is really memorable, so it is really special for me.
I love Claire the most, she is gorgeous, and I love her superpower, nothing can hurt her body. Save the cheerleader, save the world. That maybe the most popular thing of the heroes, almost everyone can knows about it. But now I want to say, save heroes, save the world. I respect that everyone has there own opinion and is allowed to voice it. Also I understand criticising is fine, and i have done it on more than one occasion,

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