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Jo's new haircut is scary

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1 Jo's new haircut is scary on Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:43 am

It was very interesting to see a season that developed as the season went on. Iran is very much in the headlines. The Americans are painted as the bad guys in some ways as their agenda runs counter to what MI-5 is trying to do. It is an uneasy world as Harry Pearce remarks late into the series that he doesn't know who they can trust a they made so many enemies by their actions. Harry and his agents find themselves targets whether it is from Iran or even their own government. Adam Carter continues to be even more screwed up as you wonder how much he is lying to himself. Ros faces the consequences of her actions of working for The Altar. Ros should have been much smarter in the way she did things. Jo's new haircut is scary.

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