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A movie that not only plays fast and loose

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1 A movie that not only plays fast and loose on Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:45 am

If Inception had you jokingly wonder what is real and what is fake, Catfish will have you frantically scrambling around for totems to spin just to double check the veracity of the existence of yourself and the people around you. Starting like any amateur video of a family member, Catfish is so poorly shot we could be excused for thinking that it was made to look as amateur as possible to enhance its street cred as a 'real find' .Although marketed as some sort of cyber thriller, this is far closer in tone to the sublime doc Capturing The Friedmans by Andrew Jarecki, who just happens to be one of the producers. A movie that not only plays fast and loose with the facts; it also puts a rather callow and narcissistic young man in the lead role. Despite the directors' intentions, the "villain" of this movie is much more attractive than the ostensible protagonist. I'm not exactly the world's biggest webhead, but when a simple Google search blows a sock-puppet's story out of the water, due diligence is not exactly one's strong suit.
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