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Actor Andy Hallett dies at age 33...

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1 Actor Andy Hallett dies at age 33... on Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:41 am

It saddened me today to find out today that actor Andy Hallett who played the loveable demon Lorne in the hit tv show 'Angel' has died at the age of of just 33.

Andy Hallett, a singer who gained fame playing a green-skinned demon on cult US TV series Angel, has died of congestive heart disease aged 33.

Hallett was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles after having problems breathing and died there on Sunday, his agent Pat Brady said.

Mr Brady said Hallett's death followed a five-year battle with a heart condition.

The star proved himself a fan favourite on Angel as Lorne, a green-skinned, red-horned good guy demon who ran a karaoke club and could read a person's aura when they sang.

He appeared in more than 70 episodes of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off between 2000 and 2004.

RIP Andy, you will be sadly missed by so many fans. Sad

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2 Re: Actor Andy Hallett dies at age 33... on Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:12 pm


Hi John,
I to was deeply saddened by this news, Andy was not only a great actor in the show but seemed likely an equally charming Guy off Camera aswell, a real shame and loss to the TV world, his character was brilliant in Angel, Loved the episode in Season 5 when he removed his sleep and when Uber Lorne, a real shame and Im sure the Whedon Family and cast will be deeply upset by this news
RIP Andy

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