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Hiya! finally got here... =)

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1 Hiya! finally got here... =) on Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:30 am

Cooeee.... I love you

After hearing so much about this forum from my beloved (Supernaturalfan on here) I just had to join! =)

Love, love, looove Supernatural... it is such a great show and the boys...well what can I say that hasn't been said here many times way before I joined? LOL I think "hubba hubba" covers it! (Its ok, Supernaturalfan has a "thang" for the original Ruby he he)

I take a particular interest in the realism of the sigils and rituals used on the show as I am a bit witchy and do practise myself - sf prolly already told you guys we're pagan and I am a clairvoyant and past life therapist and writer amongst other things.

So glad to finally get here, I'm on facebook too if you want to add me!

Bright Blessings and Merry Meet Very Happy
Rach xxx

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2 Re: Hiya! finally got here... =) on Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:33 am

Glad to have you onboard hun!

Im sure the girls will get you drooling with their pictures of the boys!


John xx

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3 Re: Hiya! finally got here... =) on Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:49 pm

Hey Ra-Chi,
Good to see you made it onto here, we keep hearing about you. (All Good) I'm Jane and I moderate down on the Huntergirls section...you're more than welcome to join us down there, particularly as SNF is one of our very few Hunterboys!! lol Cool

It's dead friendly on here and there's loads of threads so have a good look round, we'll look forward to seeing you on the boards. pirat

Anyway, welcome aboard, hope you enjoy! Basketball sunny Basketball

Jane x
Thanks to Schelzie for my pretty, pretty banner. x

Huntergirls rock!

Thanks to Bulletbabe for the beautiful Huntergirl sigil
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