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Hello to all supernatural fans out there, its been a while and over the last few months I have been very busy what with my shop and all.
Now, Im sure some of you may have read this 2 day old article from Comic Con but here goes anyways...oh, and, it's all goooooood news!

LOCATION: San Diego Comic Con

THE SKINNY: At San Diego Comic Con, the cast and crew of SUPERNATURAL during the press roundtable event talked about their plans for the fifth season and what we would have to look forward to in the coming year.

It did not disappoint.

First off let’s just begin with the news everyone has been looking, hoping, searching and asking for. Creator Eric Kripke says that while originally the plan for the show was to do five season only – and this being the fifth season upcoming, fans are getting nervous – but because the show is doing well and actually gaining viewers, he says they may indeed do more seasons of the show.

And the good news is the Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are contracted to do one more year of the show after season five, Kripke says.

“Because I have low self esteem, I never thought we’d make it to 100 episodes,” Kripke says. “I had a five-year plan and I thought we’d do a comic to wrap it up [laughing]. But the ratings are getting better and better but I still have to do a five year plan and want to finish this chapter. We are not going to delay it. [Sam and Dean] are going to be facing the devil this year but there is not reason why a new chapter can’t begin.”

And that my friends is what we’ve all been hoping for. Hope, that the show will continue.

Kripke goes on to say that he plans on tying up some of the loose ends from previous season – mainly the Croatoan virus and Meg. Both will be taken care of in season five. In fact, Kripke says there will be an episode in season five where Dean jumps five years into the future and we will see an apocalyptical world ravaged by the war with Lucifer and the Croatoan virus will play into it.

“It’s our version of 28 DAYS LATER,” Kripke says.

What else will be seeing in SUPERNATURAL season five? Well for starters the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, more mythological creatures from the bible and elsewhere and … celebrity ghosts? Yes, that’s right celebrity ghosts including a homicidal Abraham Lincoln ghost.

Kripke jokes “The Four Horsemen are not going to be riding horses but color coordinated muscle cars. Why ride a horse when you can be in a Mustang?”

Ah but that’s not all! Also returning in season five will be Ellen and Jo Harvelle, Jessica Moore (played again by Adrianne Palicki) and Rufus.

And we may actually get to see God as a character at some point, according to producer Sera Gamble.

“We are approaching it cautiously,” Gamble says. “There is a lot of doubt because a lot of characters are angry at God for not stepping in and doing something about what’s going on.”

Also getting some more camera time will be Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beaver. Beaver says that Singer will play a huge role in the first three episodes and that the first three episodes will set up the rest of the season.

“I will be more involved this year than in the past,” Beaver says. “When I read the first script [for season five], my jaw dropped as to what is happening with bobby, not what I expected.”

And let’s not forget about Castiel. Misha Collins says that he will be on the run with Sam Dean as they will all be hunted by angels and demons alike. Castiel will also have less powers than he did in season four after being “fired” as an angel.

This is AWESOME news and I am bursting with anticipation!
SUPERNATURAL...may you live on a loooooooooong time to come!

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Hi John,
The Panel was frickin awesome, started with a very funny Ghostfacers intro video, and yes the news of Season 6 got a standing ovation from the crowd of well over 5000 Supernatural fans, had to line up for three hours just to get into the panel which was fun to stand chatting with other fans, the turn out and atmosphere for the panel was brilliant, also included a five minute preview from the new season which included the prophets return, it was a very funny clip, and just for added fun they showed the gag reel from the new boxset which was so so funny, ill be back from the US in the next few days and will post up more info, damn Kripke knows how to work the crowd, the whole Comic Con was just brilliant, met a few different celebs, got within two feet of Jack Bauer!!! Saw so many exclusive previews for shows, the Supernatural merchandise was not that great, makes me think next year I should do my own stall and sell stuff, but super excited about a Season 6, the way he spoke was like if the fans keep wanting it he will keep putting it out there and from what I saw the fans certainly want more dean and sam, I think Castiels role next year will be superb and he will even be going on a few random hunts with the boys so that should be fun, I will have the whole Panel up to watch on the homepage shortly as it was all recorded for your viewing pleasure

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Hey Rob, hope your well buddy, sorry I haven't been around the forums for a while, the shop has got pretty darn busy what with one thing and another.
So both you and Denise are out in sunny San Diego then!! I remember you said you were going! So how long does the Comic Con run for??
Very jealous here in the UK you know! lol Very Happy Shocked Very Happy

Do you get special deals then when you fly out and attend these events cos you sell the merchandise of the TV show etc? Sounds soooo cooool! Cool

Hope your both very well, have a very safe journey back and take care matey! Very Happy

All the best

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