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Knowing how much Oenamaus respected Doctore

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In true Spartacus fashion, the various storylines are all brilliantly woven together. Batiatus has risen from the ashes of defeat and started down his dark path dragging Lucretia and the honor of his entire ludus with him. The arguments he has with the current Doctore shed a lot of light on the honor that the house of Batiatus once held and there is a great flashback sequence showing some of the gladiators from his father's time. We're really given a sense that Father Batiatus casts a rather large shadow over his son and the current Doctore likes to remind him of this at every turn. The other fight between Oenamaus and Doctore was brilliant. Knowing how much Oenamaus respected Doctore brought a certain sense of sadness to the proceedings. The choreography here was great with both combatants matching each other's moves with very similar styles.

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