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COMING SOON Harvelle Roadhouse Bar Grand Opening in Second Life

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Hello Supernatural fans,

We are opening a Harvelles Roadhouse Bar in Second Life (www.secondlife.com), please show your support by joining up to Second Life and visiting the Bar. For anyone who hasn't heard of Second Life, its a online virtual world with Avatars and is a huge world to explore and meet new people. Please keep checking in for updates and for dates of the Grand opening, I hope you will all be there showing your support. Second Life is a free online community and is completely free to join, so check it out and create your own Avatar and explore all the facilities it has.

We will also be opening an Everything Supernatural virtual shop that will be located next to the Harvelles Bar. You will be able to buy virtual merchandise and also Sam & Dean Avatars, more Avatars will be created too at a later date.

I hope everyone here will enjoy exploring Second Life and please keep checking in for updates in this thread.

Thank you!

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Do I get to look like that Avatar on your post? Then I may look into that..! Heehee

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Hello Birdie,

When you join up you will get a standard set of Avatars to pick from which you can later modify and change. Second Life has its own currency too called Linden, but there are many many places to get lots of free clothes and skins (skins change your body appearence). You can look however you like, and if you struggle at all in the beginning to understand all the facilities on Second Life just pri IM me and I can talk you through it and help you get more familar with it.

It really is a fun place and you will have lots to explore, but I'm on hand to help anyone who struggles with it at first.

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