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Season 5 To Air on Living Next Season Not ITV or ITV2

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The fifth season of Supernatural will air on Living after Virgin Media scooped the rights to the cult show from ITV2.

The deal with Warner Brothers will also give the channel exclusive rights to a potential season six, as well as the right to air the first four seasons from August 1, it was announced today.

"As a strong and rapidly growing brand both in the US and the UK, Supernatural has had an awful lot of interest and, as the home of the best in paranormal drama, we’re thrilled to have secured it," said Amy Barham, head of acquisitions for Virgin.

The fourth season of the drama, which stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, drew an average audience of 870,000 during its run on ITV2, marking an 11.5% increase from season three.

Jeffrey Schlesinger, President of Warner Brothers International Television, added: "Living's enthusiasm to add Supernatural to its schedule convinced us that this would be a good move. Being able to schedule both the new episodes and the prior seasons already telecast simultaneously will allow Living to make the relaunch of the series in the UK a big event for its viewing audience."

The deal between Virgin Media and Warner also saw Virgin 1 extend its licence to season three and a potential season four of action comedy Chuck.

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I think its great that Supenatural has moved to Living.

Thus being that there have started airing shows right from the beginning which means more people get a chance to watch this fantastic show.

The pilot was aired on thursday 6th Aug & i got some friends to start watching the show. Now some of them can't wait for the next episode and are banging on my door for the dvd's


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I dont mind which channel Supernatural appears on as long as they never stop making it! There were a few upset punters of mine when I told them that Living had snapped up the rights, they cant get Living channel....eeek.... Sad

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I h8 that it's been moved to living, cuz I only have freeview so I don't get living which means I won't be able to watch season 5 Crying or Very sad Sad

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Arrr Rachel that sucks, thats no good, I dont usually say things like this especially as im a DVD shop owner but me thinks you will have to hunt down US episodes on youtube etc on the net.

Hope you get to see it whatever you have to do!! Very Happy

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Hey John, yeh I think thats what I'm gonna hav to do, I know of a couple of sites where I hopefully will be able to watch it.
Although if they put the re-runs on Virgin 1 I'll be able to watch it there Smile

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Yeah, it'll be cool for you if that does happen. At the moment I am watching re-runs again and I have a sneaking suspiscion I have actually missed one or two episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOCK HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The re-runs we are watching are on Living TV at the moment.
Lets hope Virgin will do the same for you!! Very Happy

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