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I can't wait till Fringe comes back on!!

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1 I can't wait till Fringe comes back on!! on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:54 pm

I love this show, when I first saw the show, I knew I’ll follow it.
Through as soon as i saw it I was hooked! This show has everything, humor, science fiction, and subtle romance. I love all the characters form Fringe: Peter, Astrid, Olivia, Walter and Agent Broyles. All of the characters have amazing chemistry with each other. From Walter's inane genius and strange way of speaking and incredible experiments to Peter and Olivia's witty and sharp banter and relationship. I also love Astrid and how she takes Walter's strangeness in stride. I love the fact that Astrid and Peter have a cool array of special talents that is always interesting to watch! I love this show, because it has science fiction, amazing effects and awesome characters! I can't wait till Fringe comes back on!!

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